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I am really so very happy to share with you the goodness of Jai Mataji Sunlight. The sunshine that came and shine over my marriage out of the darkness situations that almost succeeded in breaking my marital home. Before, my husband and I, there was no day we don’t fight. People get use to know us as fighting couples. Either the fault is from me, or him. 4months ago we fought in fronting of our 2kids, They were watching and began to scream and cry. The whole story and experience really hurts me so bad. and hurts me more as I don’t know what else to do for peace to reign between us after all that I have tried to be a good wife and a good woman to him. And after the fight he finally left us for his lady he’s been dating even after we got married. and he’s been lying to me that he brokeup with her. upon that, he’s been cheating. Someone told me that she could have use something on him to have him leave his family for her. I was forced to believe it as All hope to have him back was lost. and I thought it was over. But I thank Jai Mataji Sunlight who gave me victory of greats insights and wisdom to go through it successfully. And at the end, win he back after she use a lovespell to call him, brought him back as she said. And when she said it, that he’s coming back, I couldn’t doubt as I was filled with hope in my spirit with her words. I just believe my days of testimonies is come. So beloved readers, Do you have troubles in your relationship/marriage? Do you want your ex back? or for them to want you back? E-mail and she will bring it to pass spiritually. and solve all of those things bordering you give you victory to triumph over with testimonies that will shock and also save another persons life, love, and property as you share yours. Thanks to you Mataji. I bless you‎

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EvelynI just want to say a warm thank you to Guru Mata Sunlight for saving my broken 3yrs marriage. My husband left me for his ex wife. He left us, me and our 2kids without leaving us a penny. Three days ago, I saw Mata Sunlight., details on a comment of someone testifying about her. after reading, I decided to try my luck. And I mail her on the email that was post in the comment with my story and experience. And she wrote back, and we discussed about it and decided to use lovespell on him as instructed by the queen mother. I provided everything that was needed to perform the rituals for the lovespell and after that, she instructed me on how to take my spiritual bath, as( spiritual cleansing ). This morning, my husband came begging me for forgiveness, and after a while that we settled, he went to the kids school…get the kids home, make them lunch, and start singing for them just as he use to. He’s just doing much and so nice just as the goddess says he would after lovespell is been used on him. I’m so happy and so surprise like, i’m dreaming. Because he hardly do all these things he’s doing now to us. He’s so sweet, so smooth that, I don’t ever want this happiness to end or seize in our life anymore. And according to her words, so shall he be till death do us a path. And this makes me wonder, and realize how truthful, trusted and powerful Jai Mataji Sunlight is. And as i’m sharing with you right now, i’m my kneels thank the ancestors for leading to a great goddess of truth and love and powers who helped me solve my problems that no one of nobody could ever have been able to help me with. And beloved looking for how to reach her, via and she will connect with you. And as you contact, pls stay close and obey her instructions if you want her to help you. Thanks to you mother. May peace and glory be unto you. And may anyone that reads this testimony finds favour in you…Mote it be!!‎

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Mourie..I thank mother Jai Mataji Sunlight for the lucky numbers she gave me to win and made me a millionaire today with the lottery numbers she call for me that I played. And ever since then, every time I play, I win and I win it big. I am so thankful and I want to use this medium opportunity to bless those who are willing and ready to be a make their dreams come through. Do you need help? you want answers to your prayers? Do you need spiritual call out numbers to win a million just like I did? Well..Run to Jai Mata Sunlight. and as you do, you’ll be transformed into another realm of greatness. And I tell you looking for solutions to situations here and there, this is your set time to be free and overcome physicality and it’s principalities. Vai ( ) Jai Mata Sunlight spell works more than magic call it. And I say Thanks to you mother for everything. ‎

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I still really can’t explain it, the joyfulness she gives me Jai mata Sunlight . Miracle so real and believing but so difficult to explain. After my husband joined his ancestors, his brother like a broom came and sweep everything a way we both suffered to acquire when he was alive… me and my three kids with my sister daughter, the whole four of us has been through hell of a living. Oh… if not for the help of jai mata sunlight.’ what could I have done without you? I so much thank you mother for helping me recover back everything I once lost to the family of my lost husband. And I am much more happy because I believed and I wasn’t discourage when I was told to pay for the rituals. I obeyed…As they say, a word is enough for the wise. Then with the way her words were coming hitting me, it brings me healing and relief me of distress. then I knew this is an opportunity for me I have been waiting for a long time to get. And I did everything as I was instructed to do and before I knew what was going on, calls was just entering my phone and at a time, the phone got off and then they all came one after the other pleading for mercy and forgiveness and they all together payed 12,846, 98usd into our family account. She made them pay for everything and even more than I deserve. I am so happy and I bless the great goddess Jai mata sunlight for transforming my life into another realm of glory. And you out there seeking for help, all you have to do is via with your situations and once she replied, just follow all what she has to say. And I tell you,.. your trust and believe shall not be put to shame. Thanks to you mother of a ezioguru kingdom.


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If you would like to cast a spell to fix a broken marriage after cheating, please contact me and I will help you. The key to fixing a broken relationship is not losing your cool. If the feelings have been deep, they can’t easily disappear. In most cases, all you just need to do is to strengthen these latent emotions so that they will be imposed again. If that is what you would like to do, then my spells to fix a broken marriage after infidelity are what you need.

The major thing is to understand what the emotional state of your ex is. Once what he or she feels for you is clear, I will be able to cast the most appropriate spell. As soon as these spells to fix a broken marriage are cast, reconciliation will be a reality in a very short time. Everything is possible with powerful spells. That old time relationship that has always flared your love life can be restored by casting these powerful spells that work.

If the break happened some time back but you still feel something for that person, the most appropriate thing is to perform a spell to fix the broken marriage using a picture. Photographs have the peculiarity that they project the energy of a love relationship at the moment they were taken, even if decades have passed. This will help you to enhance those feelings that are asleep in your ex and little by little, you will wonder what happened to him or her.

If you need to recover an ex who is with another already, especially if your ex has left for that person, the first thing that you may have to do is to banish that lover from him or her. These spells will help bring that relationship to an end and allow you to resume a previous relationship with that person. You can be happy again after a break, you just have to remake the basis of the relationship. Use these spells to fix a broken marriage and your lover will come back.


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Jai. Mata Sunlight is truly sent to save us all. She saved my daughters marriage without any hassles !!

My name is Sara. I am resident of Islamabad. My daughter fell in love with a non-Muslim boy and his family never loved us despite the fact that they both bared a son. Her mother-in-law was always fighting, accusing my daughter every time. It was until my brother Fahad advised us to consult Jai. Mata Sunlight through her website, which we did.

She cast a powerful love spell for us and prayed for peace for my daughter’s marriage. A few days later, they started to love my daughter and she is peaceful again. I highly recommend Jai.Mata Sunlight” to everyone/anyone looking for help to via ( to contact. I thank you so much and I proudly say thanks to you mother for the goodness and the happiness you brought in into my life as you give me a rest of mind and my daughters. – Sara – Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Marriage spells that work fast have been prominent for many years and they are still the most frequently used spells as they are the leading source of inspiration to couples worldwide who would like to either get married or if they are already married want to preserve their marriage forever.
Marriage spells can be used to make the man you love to propose, stop your partner from cheating, save your marriage from going through a divorce. Any love related problems or marriage issues can be solved with marriage spells that work fast by Jai Mata Sunlight.
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What makes these marriage spells to be so highly powerful is the fact that Mata Sunlight uses specially formulated ingredients to cast the spells as well as the fact that he uses the same elements and properties that one will often find in his powerful love spells.
Do you feel like you marriage has lost all the passion and love that it once had? You can easily recover all that has been lost in your marriage with the marriage spells that work fast and the marriage spells will ensure that they brings with them true love, commitment, loyalty, happiness, trust and so much more into your marriage so that it can actually last for a very long time.